The BlockChain and AI platform for Energy and Avionics

We help our customers securing assets and operations, saving billion dollars every year

In 2019 nearly 60% have had a recent significant cybersecurity incident(EY 20th Global Information Security Survey). We help Oil&Gas companies to keep their production data and plants safe and inviolable by wisely applying Blockchain Private Infrastructures, Artificial Intelligence Neural Networks and Multifunctional Systems Control Hardwares merging them like no one else in the world. We provide smart solutions for companies of all sizes and pride ourselves on our unparalleled, dedicated service.

Our Innovative Technology

Control rooms located in remote locations – data always available in real time. Mobile devices supported. Cyber attacks risk-free

4G and SAT network – Blockchain technology. No central database, no rack rooms, marshalling cabinets and system cabinets

Field stations located in production area: acquisition, validation and storage of production data. Self – maintenance. Built-in security features: radar, face recognition, access control



Our Team

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Claudio Sperindio CEO

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Pierluigi Avvanzo CTO

Advisory Board

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Stephane Akame-Zeh Head of Business Development

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Simone Fortin Senior Technology Strategy Advisor

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Luca Venturini Blockchain Advisor

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